According to an article of, pasta maker Buitoni has seised on remarks made by the CEO of rival Barilla by announcing that it welcomes gays.

Buitoni seised on the opportunity within hours of Guido Barilla telling Italy's Radio24 on Thursday that he is "from a traditional family, and will never have an advert with a gay family".

"For us the concept of the family is sacred . . . we will not do a gay advert because ours is a traditional family," Barilla was quoted in the Corriere della Sera as saying.

One commenter responded: "I'm Italian, I'm gay, I'm married legally to a man, I have three adopted children. I had Barilla pasta for dinner last night. Today, tomorrow and forever more I will choose another brand of pasta. Good bye Barilla! You lose!"

Well, in case readers are interested, I'm a Hernican, that is of the tribe of the Hernici, not the tribe of the Romans or generic Italians.

I'm not married legally, and would probably never legally marry even if I found the "perfect woman". Legal marriage is as obsolete as legal citizenship.

I have been a child sponsor through Childreach in the past for a Vietnamese child, and this even without a marriage partner, because love should be the excuse for raising or helping to raise children, not having or not having a legal marriage partner.

I'm a very active uncle with my nephew and nieces, despite not having a sister-in-law anymore, and I get along quite well with my current "sister-in-life", the good woman my brother happily lives with today, who is not his former wife.

I often have Barilla pasta for dinner at night! Sometimes on Sundays I get even more fortunate, and eat handmade, not fine brand pasta!

Moreover, I see no reason why I should not eat Barilla pasta, even if the company never shows the Meddís Túvtiks of the Hernici tribe in their adverts, and they probably never will.

Why is this so?

Well, it is not because I don't like being the Meddís Túvtiks of the Hernici tribe, but simply because I'm not arrogant!